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Our operations

The amount of our services is twenty five percent of salary gross of thirteen months It has been agreed with the candidate in the event that the client to stop the project, invoiced two-thirds of the estimated total project cost.

If as result of the interviews you wish to hire more than one candidate, we will make an additional charge of seventy-five percent of the initial project.

With regard to the way in which our services we charge is: ten percent to initiate the search project and the remaining ninety percent will be presented at the time of the recruitment of the candidate. In each invoice you will add VAT.

In the case that the hired candidate to occupy certain position no longer collaborate with the company client within the calendar year following recruitment AMZ selection send you this candidate without additional cost.

In the event that there are inherent expenses such as travel outside the city of candidates and/or consultants, travel expenses, long distance, etc: them include these in the invoice under the rubric of "costs".