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Why we are different?

  • Our goal is to help you identify and recruit a select group of talented executives that your company needs

  • We are sure of not be one more signature, we are the firm offer the services of consulting in selection of executives.

  • Because our professional honorariums are below the average of market.

  • Because for us you are “THE CLIENT” and not a client more of the signature.

  • Because today we can say that we have accumulated successes that with taste we shared when having satisfied clients with who the signature have built a solid relation of businesses.

  • Because the experience and techniques that we really used produce satisfactory results.

  • Because our code of ethics, combined to the confidentiality, allows to maintain the search of an executive for all the parts involved in high levels of discretion.

  • Because our enterprising direction allows us to react of one way more agile to processes of executive selection.